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Medal of Honor Awarded To a 19 Year Old Hero
IconPresident Bush presented the Medal of Honor to the parents of Specialist Ross McGinnis.  Spc. McGinnis, at 19, is the youngest of the five servicemen who have received the Medal of Honor for valor during the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts.His training called for him to warn his comrades that a grenade fell inside their Humvee, then jump from the gun turret to escape.  Instead, Spc. McGinnis jumped INTO the vehicle, deliberately placing his body between the grenade and the rest of his crew, thus losing his life while saving all of them.Of the five servicemen who have received the Medal of Honor for actions in Iraq or Afghanistan, three died absorbing grenade blasts to protect their comrades.  What can you say that would be adequate to describe this courageous sacrifice?  Bless you, thank you, and Hoo-ah!  These are the role models our schools should teach about when issues of character and bravery are discussed.
Tags: Military, Personal Responsibility, Values
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