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My Son Doesn't Have Friends

Hi, I'm Dr. Laura Schlessinger and welcome to our YouTube channel, where I get to answer your questions.  And this one is from Linda:

"I've homeschooled my son off and on since 5th grade and he's now in 8th. It seems that he learns best at home where he is not distracted by other students.

I continually worry about socialization however. He never quite fits in with the 'cool' kids [Good!  I don't know why you're unhappy with that] because he is unwilling to be a jerk like them and they treat him badly. He never really fits in with the 'nerds' though either. He seems to think he's a little bit too good for those kids that don't dress fashionably and aren't jocks. He virtually has no friends and it breaks my heart.

We have him in martial arts and other sports programs, and we are joining a home school group where he says he will make more of an effort to get to know some kids. I guess I just can't relate to his situation because I was in the 'cool crowd'; [Sidebar: I wasn't (laughs)] his life is so different. I struggle with all of this more than he does because I want his life to be 'normal' and it sure isn't.

How can I help him?"

First of all, he'll develop friends where he feels comfortable.  Good.  He probably relates to other guys doing sports and other of these things that you say you're going to do...the martial arts, etc.  This is all good.  Leave him alone.  He's not going to be king of the prom like you, he's going to be more like me and I think that's great.

You find your friends where you really find them and you don't need cliques and groups.  So no real insult to you, my dear, but leave him alone to develop the friends that really are matches and not to just use ego to join in with a crowd that has the power in school.  He's fine.  Leave him alone; he'll make his way.
I'm Dr. Laura Schlessinger.  Until next time here on our YouTube channel.



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