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My Spouse Won't Lose Weight

I'm Dr. Laura Schlessinger, and I do welcome you to our YouTube channel here for the Dr. Laura program on SiriusXM Stars 107.  This letter is from, "I don't want to be a widow in Texas" [I love that]:

"I hear you talk about the difference between an involuntary illness and an illness in which you have some choice in its development.   I presume obesity falls into the latter category.  [Yes, generally speaking.]

My husband is more than 80 pounds overweight, and is father to our two sons, 14 and 16.  His father and grandfather died at 49 of heart attacks, and he just turned 49, and won't lose the weight.

I have NOT been able to help him in 18 years of marriage.  Is there anything I can try to do? 


'I don't want to be a widow in Texas' "

Just make sure you have enough insurance.  I mean he's always been overweight.  He has no motivation to change.  Maybe he figures it doesn't matter because he's going to die anyway, any moment now just like his father and grandfather did.  Some people get that in their heads and then they're not motivated.

So make a deal with him; tell him if he hits 50, you're going to help put him on a diet by virtue of cooking breakfast, you're packing his lunch, you're making dinner and no snacks outside of the ones you pack are allowed.  And he has to take walks of 2 miles and whatever.  Make him a deal that if he lives to 50, he's got to make an effort.  He probably won't follow through, but maybe he will once he gets the fear out of his system about being like his father and grandfather because right now he's in the, "What difference does it make?  I'm going to die soon anyway.  I might as well have a good time eating what I want."  When we don't die at 49, let's see what happens.  It's worth a shot.  (Make sure you have insurance.)

I'm Dr. Laura Schlessinger.  Until next time here on our YouTube channel.



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