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Tip of the Week

Nature's Own Anti-Wrinkle Solutions
By David Pollock

Now you can avoid those expensive creams and save those extra bucks for that new blouse you have been eyeing! 

Have you been spending a fortune on the latest beauty products that promise a cure for wrinkles? Are you concerned about spending all your hard-earned money on popular, celebrity advertised products that may not be as effective as promoted?

Keep reading, because I want to help you unravel some of the best kept secrets Mother Nature has created for you. By making a few simple changes in your skin care regimen and your diet, you can release nature's own solutions for anti-aging. You will not only reduce those wrinkles and crow's feet, but you will also become a more health-conscious individual. You may even start glancing at the label to see what natural goodies are in the beauty products you buy.

Are You Facing This?
Are you tired of looking at a face with crow's feet around the eyes and visible wrinkles around your mouth? Are you tired of sporting sagging facial skin and puffy, tired eyes? Or are you tired of having a dull, lifeless complexion?

Remember, no one skin product can suddenly reverse the years of damage to your skin, nor instantly transform it to younger-looking skin.

The best advice I can give is take care of your skin, from the inside out. Watch what you put on your skin and what you put into your body. 

Go Green (Tea)
I use green tea in many of my anti-aging skin care formulations. It's the flavonoids and the antioxidants present in green tea that can prove to be one of the best solutions for fighting wrinkles, if consumed regularly. They fight the free radicals that can accelerate the signs of aging.

I suggest looking for a moisturizer or serum that contains green tea, as well as drinking a soothing cup of green tea during your afternoon break or maybe an iced green tea after your workout routine.

Antioxidant Rich Fruits
There are two ways to achieve beautiful skin. One way is taking Vitamin E, and the other is by consuming antioxidants!

Fruits like strawberries and pomegranates are packed with plenty of antioxidants. Making them part of your regular diet will naturally boost your skin's glow while making the wrinkles less noticeable.

Veggies Like Red Beans Are Good Too!
Increase your intake of red beans because they contain a high concentration of antioxidants. Plus, you gain the benefit of their fiber content, which helps reduce your blood pressure level and the risk of cancer too.

Reward Yourself!
Just like fresh, homemade food has the best natural ingredients, here is a quick and easy at-home recipe for a "sweet" facial mask.

Honey-Almond Exfoliating Mask
  • 2 Tablespoons Honey
  • 2 Tablespoons Finely Ground Almonds
  • 2 Strawberries
  • A Couple Pieces of Cut Up Pomegranate
  • 1 Teaspoon Powdered Clay (Bentonite, Red Earth etc.)
  • 4 Tablespoons Oatmeal
  • Water
Combine ingredients in a bowl and mix into a paste. Add a little water, if necessary. To use, splash face with warm water. Massage mix over face. Let set for 10-15 minutes. Rinse with warm water and "voila"!

By just using a little bit of fruit, vegetables and soothing tea, you will see the best in Mother Nature in you!  You will have glowing, younger-looking skin in no time at all!  Enjoy the new glamorous you!

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David Pollock is a global beauty expert who has formulated products for some of the most recognized names in the business. He is a published author, radio personality, and was recently named one of the "20 to Know" by Global Cosmetics Industry. Today, David is empowering women to take control of their health and beauty. Subscribe to his free newsletter at Permission granted for use on
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