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Questions to Ask Yourself When A Friend Disappoints You


How do we handle someone letting us down? Even hearing me speak those words is probably making you think about a time you were disappointed by a friend. When you’re faced with this situation, there are questions you need to ask yourself before your head explodes or you spend 4 months crying.

Is it a pattern or an event? I have asked this on-air a million times. Everybody can be obnoxious, self-centered or ridiculous every now and again, but if this a constant in your dealings with this person, then maybe you have the wrong friend.

Is your friendship balanced? Do you find yourself giving more support than you’re receiving? A true friendship should never be one-sided.

Your friend can’t be your mother or your therapist. That’s an unrealistic expectation on either side and it will only set you up for disappointment. Sure, a friend should be there for you, but there are limitations to how much they can support you. 

Do you ask for more than they can give you? Nobody has an unlimited amount of praise, patience or encouragement. When you constantly need their support, they may get burned out and need a break.

Are they truly a friend? If a person is a constant problem or struggle to be around, it’s possible you’re just not a match.

Figuring out how to cope when a friendship falls flat can be difficult. It’s important to consider these questions carefully before you decide if your friends behavior is unacceptable.

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