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Rules of the House


Hi, I'm Dr. Laura Schlessinger and welcome to our YouTube channel.  I get to answer your questions like this one from Kayla:

I have a daughter who, at nearly 19, had worn out her welcome in my home and I told her to leave. [Ok.]  I would not stand for her disrespect, her sense of entitlement, or her slovenly treatment of our home.  The day she was packing her belongings to leave, I came home to find she had pierced her tongue.  [(Laughs) That is so dumb anyway.]  She left.

A year later, after months of our not speaking, we had a reconciliation, and my daughter has asked to move back home.

The tongue piercing was a power struggle issue back when it occurred. Personally, I don't mind that she wanted one; it's just that at the time, my daughter had more important things to spend money on and that was the battle.  [(Confused look on face) Money?]  Now, at nearly 20, I can only advise her on what I think is best, and leave her to her own devices. So as long as she abides by the general rules of the house (no smoking, clean up after yourself, make efforts to put a life together), I'm okay letting her move back home.

My mother, on the other hand [That's grandma], feels I am absolutely sending the wrong message in allowing her to move home, especially if my daughter continues wearing her  tongue stud once she moves back in.
I agree to an extent but also feel my daughter is her own individual. What am I missing in my mother's argument? my mother wrong?"

I don't know enough to know that, but we can have a trial run if she is respectful, if she cooperates in the home, if she acts maturely, takes responsibility, doesn't act entitled and does her bit around the home.  That she's ridiculous enough to [sticks out tongue, points to center and continues talking in slurred speech] stick a bar through her tongue is something I'd let her be embarrassed by.  I mean, ask her, does she know one female or male Supreme Court justice who [sticks out tongue again while speaking] has a thing in their tongue?  I don't think so.

I'm Dr. Laura Schlessinger.  Until next time on our YouTube channel.



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