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Stuck in the Middle of a Divorce Battle

Hi, I'm Dr. Laura Schlessinger.  This is our YouTube channel, and this is Butch.  I was trying to get into a yoga position so our dear cameraman, Jeff, could take the picture, and Butch just keeps putting himself between the camera and me.  This is their built-in protection behavior.  Ok, he's my prop [motions and leans on Butch].  This is from Arlene...[says to Butch, "You want to read this?  No.  Ok"]:

"One of my friends is currently separated from her husband. She is the godmother to one of my sons [Butch starts walking away and Dr. Laura laughs and says, "Props are not supposed to move."] and her husband is the godfather [Butch walks up to cameraman and nudges him.  Dr. Laura laughs and says to Butch, "He's ok, you can guard me from here.  You can come back here.]  to my other son.

[Dr. Laura over from the beginning.]

One of my friends is currently separated from her husband. She is the godmother to one of my sons, and her husband is the godfather to my other son.  My husband and I are stuck in the middle of the divorce battle.

She moved out and went to live with her parents because they live close by and he went to live in an apartment to be close to his son. She keeps calling me and asking what her husband is up to. She wonders why we still talk with her husband, but we have become really close friends.

How can I comfort her but not take sides in this situation?"

Ok, here's how this deal works: You say, "You know what?  The way you two loved each other at one time...we still love both of you.  Whatever problems are in the marriage were not in the friendships.  We love both of you.  There's no way we're taking sides.  We hope there's a miracle and the two of you come together and love each other the same magnitude (if not more) that we love both of you.  So I want to comfort you by telling you that you have a really good man here and I'd really love to see you work it out.  But either which way, we're going to stay good friends with both of you because we love both of you the way you used to love each other."

I'm Dr. Laura Schlessinger.  [Camera tilts down to Butch.]



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