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Letters From Listeners

The Gift That Keeps Giving

Dr. Laura,

This last week I took your advice about helping the vets. For Mothers Day, I donated directly to Operation Family Fund in honor of my mom! My mom is a fine example of charity and love towards others. It just seemed like money well spent, rather than flowers that would die a few days later.

You are literally a constant voice in my head. As I subscribe to the podcast and listen with headphones daily, I want to thank you for cutting through the loud crap of declining morals and values in this world. You remind me how life is a choice.  My life is in my control. You also remind me not blame my circumstance on others or past experiences!

You truly are the women's liberating movement that I look towards. Thank you for reminding me to be my husband's sexy girlfriend and my boys' mom!

Thank you, thank you, you buff mama jama!

Much love,


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Tags: Holidays, Military, Regarding Dr. Laura, Values, Woman Power
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