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The Most Important Job in the World
IconFrom a listener after hearing another caller on my radio program: Dr. Laura: I grew up listening to you as my own stay-at-home mother bussed [sic] my three siblings and me home after school.  Listening to you teach the moms that would call in, I remember thinking that if I ever had kids, I would be "my kid's mom."  I saw Mom spend over 10 years at home with us, and the investment and dedication [she] modeled stuck with me.  Now I am a 24 year-old stay-at-home mom to a bright 13-month-old son. I just finished listening to a caller who was wondering about taking some yoga classes to get her certification.  I knew exactly where she was coming from, because recently, I also was debating starting grad classes or taking up a part-time job. The past week, I have been feeling like a hamster in a wheel --  no goals, [no] direction, not really getting anywhere. I've been comparing myself to my "friends" who are in grad school, building their careers, globe-trotting, but also "family - less."  I felt like maybe I needed to keep up.  I thought you were being too hard on [the caller] until you said something that led me to tears. You told her she had the most important job in the world right now, [and] that there will be time to take the yoga classes later.  I've heard you say things like that before, but this time, you were speaking directly to me. Thank you for that encouragement and truth.  All these years, you were telling everyone else, but I've finally made it my own.  I do have the most important job in the world.  It's challenging, character-building, but full of blessings.  This little boy is growing up very fast. The rat race can wait...I am MY kid's mom!
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