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What Chivalry Looks Like

Chivalry is an important quality of a man’s behavior because it lets you know about his character patience, caring, and point of view. Here’s what true chivalry looks like:

  1. He opens and holds doors for you. When you drive somewhere, he opens the door, takes you by the hand, and helps you in and out.

  2. He makes sure you get home OK. He doesn’t just drop you off. He waits to see if you safely get inside.

  3. He gives you his jacket when it’s cold. It should be hard-wired in his brain to protect you.  

  4. He cares about your opinions. He listens to what you think and believe.

  5. He has your back. When there’s an awkward situation, he’s there by your side.

  6. He’s reliable. If he says he’s going to do something, he does it.

  7. He meets your friends and family. He takes interest in the people close to you because he wants to know you better.

  8. He expresses small gestures of affection. Publicly grabbing your breasts or butt is not a gesture of affection. That’s just him showing he’s a dominant male that owns you. It’s his statement to the other men around that “I have a big one, that’s why I have her.” It has nothing to do with you.

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