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Why Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone Is So Important

Why is stepping out of your comfort zone so important? Because if you don’t, you stagnate and do nothing new or exciting. You don’t challenge yourself, you don’t grow, and you miss out on a lot of awesome moments in life.  

You have to get comfortable with discomfort.  I received a call from a woman the other day who had been shacking up for four years with a guy who wouldn’t commit to her. When I asked her why a woman who wants to get married and have a family would stay with a guy like this, she said that she was afraid of being alone.

So, in order to avoid a brief period of discomfort, she’d rather have a lifetime of disappointment?! Wow...

In order to improve your life, you need to take a risk. Part of putting yourself out there is going to feel challenging, weird, or even terrible, but the other part is going to make life so much more wonderful and valuable to you.

You may ask, “What if I fail?”

Well, failure is inevitable. There is no success without failure.

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