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Worse Than "Unacceptable"
IconThe Thursday morning press conference with Senator John McCain started with him stating that the attack on the military recruiting station in Times Square was "unacceptable."  I hear many leaders and spokespersons use that relatively limp term, "unacceptable," and I'm sick of it.  At least President George W. Bush has called 9/11 types and actions for what they are:  evil!There are churchgoers in Kansas who go all over the country attempting to disrupt funerals of our fallen military with disgusting signs that suggest that these children of America died because there are homosexuals among us.  There are cities like Berkeley, that spend their time changing local laws to allow protestors to interfere with local military recruiting stations, followed up by "You are not welcome" notices. If all those who volunteered honorably and bravely for our military decided all those folks were right, and then laid down their weapons and came home, then what?  Who would protect us against an imminent invasion by Venezuela?  North Korea?  Russia?  China?  The world-wide Muslim jihad?  Would the Kansas churchgoers protect us?  The city council of Berkeley?I have two magnetized bumper stickers on my car.  Both are yellow ribbons.  One says "Protect our son," and the other just says "Army."  At the mall this past weekend, both were ripped in half and dumped on the roof of my car.  My deepest regret is that these people did not wait around to destroy my symbols of respect and motherly concern for all the troops, including my son in combat in Afghanistan, while I was there.  Trust me, just saying limply, "That is unacceptable" would not have been the action I'd have taken.I feel sorry for all of those whose military-age sons and daughters have not volunteered for military service, but instead hook up and smoke dope in most of our quite liberal colleges and universities instead of learning the values of life and death, honor, sacrifice, courage, brother/sisterhood, and compassion.To whomever defaced my representations of support for America's finest, I have this to say to you:  in spite of your disgusting, ignorant, cowardly self, my son and his band of brothers would still protect you.
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