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Video Transcripts
Putting On Dr. Laura's Face

Dr. Laura: Hi-ya! I'm Dr. Laura Schlessinger and welcome to the Dr. Laura YouTube channel. I'm introducing you, from time to time, to people who help me look and do my best. And one of the most important people in the world to me is Courtney Boyle, who does my makeup. And I thought, today, it would be interesting to find out what the limitations of my face are and how she maximizes them so I look so &'cute& . First of all, tell them how we met.

Courtney: It's a funny story, how we met. It was actually by accident. I was working at Saks Fifth Avenue at the time and Dr. Laura was in Orange County, where I'm based out of, and she needed a makeup artist &'today,& in about an hour.

Dr. Laura: For my One Woman Show.

Courtney: Exactly, exactly. And I overheard the conversation and the makeup artist they were going to send?it was not going to work out.

Dr. Laura: Why?

Courtney: She was a little bit of an introvert and a little bit defensive. And I knew Doc?I knew what her personality was like, and I knew that that was not going to work out. And I knew that I was much more appropriate for Dr. Laura's personality. So I insisted I be the makeup artist they send. And it worked out. It was a one-time job and we've been together for about two and a half years, almost three years.

Dr. Laura: It was instant.

Courtney: It was.

Dr. Laura: I know what charmed me?as I'm looking up at you, I see your skin looks beautiful, and you had a smart-alecky personality. And I enjoy that! The one thing I don't like is everybody sort of drooling over me. I like realistic feedback. Okay, so here's my face [raises her chin and moves her head side to side].

Courtney: Okay?

Dr. Laura: I can tell you all the things wrong with it. [jokingly sobs] My eyes are too close together, I'm missing half an eyebrow, my jaw is wide?

Courtney: These are called unique features. There is nothing wrong. It is what makes you, you. One thing I do want to tell you about is Dr. Laura's eyes. She has the most beautiful, sparkly eyes. Look at them. They're perfect almonds. They are a little bit close together, so what we want to do is?

Dr. Laura: Like a cuff link.

Courtney: Sort of. What we want to do is create the illusion of spacing them out a little bit. So what we do with Dr. Laura's eyes is we focus darkness on the outer corner. When somebody looks at you, they're always going to see the darkest thing on your face. So if you make the outer corners of your eyes darkest, when they look at you they'll see up and out. So what we do with Dr. Laura's eyes is we focus the dark color right on the outer corner. We also bring the angle up just a little bit. A great guideline for you is to imagine a line from the corner of your nose to the corner of your eye. If you follow that guideline, and bring your eye makeup up and out, you're going to have an instantly uplifted eye.

Dr. Laura: And you'll look like you've slept through the night.

Courtney: Exactly; exactly. And it's not changing your eye, it's just creating the illusion of a wider, brighter eye. So we're always going to keep it light, right on the inside, on the tear duct of the eye. Keep it light and bright, that gives the illusion of just a brighter white of your eye and a brighter iris. And the darker color is just on the outside with a little bit of an up-tilt forward.

Another great rule for you if you are a little bit dark under your eyes, which happens every once in a while when we have a long weekend -- keep the mascara only on the top. Again, it's a dark color and it's just going to instantly lift the eye.

Dr. Laura: Ah! So I look like I have slept through the night.

Courtney: Absolutely.

Dr. Laura: Even though they're working my butt.

Courtney: Yes, yes. So usually, by the One Woman Show, mascara on the top only.

[both laugh]

Dr. Laura: And, what about the wide jaw? Is that a bad thing? A good thing? The cheek bones? And I don't have the most voluptuous lips, and they aren't filled with Restylane or whatever the heck people put in them now.

Courtney: No. They're perfectly natural and beautiful. And the wide jaw I love because it's what makes this face so, just adorable [grabs Dr. Laura's jaw and squeezes] just these little cheeks and that jaw is so cute. But one thing we can do, just to balance the face a little bit, is bring the blush on the inside, right on the apples of the cheeks and blend it directly outwards. We're not going to go up; it's going to create too many angles. We already have an angle right here with her jaw [motions to the bottom jaw line] and if we go up too high on a high angle, like we used to do in the 80's with a little check mark right here [motions to the temple area of the face] its going to create another harsh angle on the face. So apply your blush just--

Dr. Laura: Which would make me look what?

Courtney: A little too angular.

Dr. Laura: Why is that bad?

Courtney: It's harsh. You don't want to have too many hard angles on the face.

Dr. Laura: No.

Courtney: So we want to soften the face and blush is a great way to soften. So just on the apples and just direct it exactly out.

Dr. Laura: What do you know about the 80's? When were you born?

Courtney:In the 80's.

Dr. Laura: You were three years old and you knew this?

Courtney: [laughs] I know about everything.

Dr. Laura: Yeah, okay. She believes that; yes.

Courtney: I think I know about everything.

Dr. Laura: Yeah, yeah, yeah. What about the very pale skin?

Courtney: The very pale skin?bronzer is your best friend. Everyone should use a bronzer. Doc needs it; I need it; you need it. I don't care what color your skin is, you need a bronzer. It's going to give you that instant sun-kissed look. You just need it to brighten your skin. And one trick that I do is, bring your bronzer down to your neckline [motions from chin, down neck]. However low that is, the bronzer needs to go there. You don't want a bronzy, golden face and a pale, pink chest.

Dr. Laura: Looks a little obvious?

Courtney: So just carry the bronzer down. Yeah.

Dr. Laura: Okay. Any other problems you have with me?

Courtney: Not about makeup. No, I'm only kidding.

Dr. Laura: [laughs heartily]

Courtney: I'm only kidding, I love you.

Dr. Laura: I love you too.

Courtney: And we don't have only one problem, we have unique features.

Dr. Laura: Yes, we do.

Courtney: It's what makes you, you.

Dr. Laura: Yes.

Courtney: And your face wouldn't be so cute without it.

Dr. Laura: Oh [sniffs].

Courtney: See why she loves me?

Dr. Laura:Yeah. I'm Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Welcome and thank you for visiting our YouTube channel. Tune in again. You never know who or what you're going to see.

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Cleaning Up My Dirty Sweaty, Hubby

Hi, I'm Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Welcome to the Dr. Laura YouTube channel, where you get to ask me some questions. This is a vivid question...I want you to picture it as I read it.

Dr. Laura, my husband is a good man but there is one issue that I am having trouble with. He loves to work outside; we have 32 acres of woods and yard. When he comes inside all sweaty and dirty, he will not take off his dirt filled shoes, nor his very stinky clothes. He proceeds to sit in his recliner and leaves the carpet full of debris from his dirty shoes. I am constantly vacuuming and spraying Febreze on his chair. (We got a little ad in there, I guess.) I have asked him, ever so kindly, to please at least take off his shoes, but I have gotten nowhere. He is very picky about how our yard looks and the exterior of our home, but when it comes to the interior - that's another story. What can I say to him (remember that...what can I say to him) that would help him realize that the dirty shoes and clothes are making a lot of extra work, not to mention the soiled and stinky recliner. Thank you.

Most of the time, I don't give advice on what to say, I give advice on what to do because doing is infinitely more powerful. Now you wonder why a grown man, intelligent, reasonable, decent, wonderful guy, terrific husband works 32 acres of backyard and then walks in with dirt about. And I always think, "Now what could the message be?" You see, because I think behavior is a message. I think he's probably walking in there, all dirty, because he wants you to notice him and how much work he's doing, and acknowledge it and give him "huzzahs" for it. Men like that! They like to be thanked for all their efforts. Now you're saying "he" likes working outside. So maybe you're thinking, "well, because 'he' likes it..." that he's not really doing something for you. Well, it's our property and this is one of the ways men take care of their women. They take care of the property. He sees "inside the house" as yours.

So my recommendation: I like the Febreze thing, but he comes in all dirty and sweaty. I think this is the time for you to say, "Honey, lets take a shower together and then we'll cuddle together on your recliner." I have a feeling you will have the cleanest husband west of the Pecos...if I only knew where the Pecos was. I'm Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Thank you for visiting our YouTube channel. See you next time.

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